Election to Opt Out of Providing Information

Association (Association)
Association. I hereby notify you of my election to "opt out" of providing my name, property address, mailing address, and email address to members, or to any other third parties, who request a copy of the Association's membership list. I agree that when a person asks for and is given a copy of the membership list for the purpose of sending a written communication to the members, if such a communication is sent, that the Association may accept a copy thereof on my behalf and forward a copy to me by mail, personal delivery, or email transmission, within 10 days of the Association's receipt of such communication. This election to opt out shall remain in effect until such time as I notify the Association of my decision to rescind this directive. If there is more than one record title owner of the Property, this notice is given on behalf of all such owners. I certify that they have authorized me to submit this election to opt out on their behalf.


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