Earn a Referral Fee

$300 to $700


American HOA Management will pay a referral fee of $300 to $700 for the referral of homeowner association full service management accounts. If you are a board member and owner of a unit or lot in the referred homeowner association, the referral fee will be paid to your association.  Otherwise, the fee will be payable to the person making the referral.  The amounts are calculated as follows:


Up to 20 Units                    $300.00
From 21 to 60 Units           $500.00
Over 60 Units                      $700.00


There are a few simple requirements:


  1. You must email the name, street address, email address, and phone number of the person to be contacted to us from our website.
  2. Your email must include your name, street address, and phone number so we can reach you if the referral is successful;
  3. A management contract must be entered into within 100 days of the referral date; and
  4. If more than one person makes a referral to the same homeowner association and a management contract results, the first person to make the referral will be entitled to the referral fee so long as the 100 day limit is not exceeded.




Upon receipt of the contact information, a representative of American HOA Management will call the person referred to us. We will then gather the information needed to make a formal management proposal to the person referred to us and will promptly contact you upon entering into a management agreement with the homeowner association.

Your referrals are greatly appreciated.


American HOA Management
English: 818-991-9019
Chinese: 818-661-9255