Dummy Cameras - Fake Cameras

Dummy surveillance cameras are never a good idea because they create potential liability for the property owner or homeowner association. When members of homeowner associations, renters and visitors see dummy cameras, they often believe the premises are being monitored and are therefore, reasonably safe. If a serious crime takes place, you can be certain the property owner or homeowner association will be named as a defendant. It is far better for the homeowner association to spend available funds on real cameras to deter crime.

Most professional criminals have the knowledge and experience to recognize a dummy camera. As result, they are not a significant deterrent. Most fake cameras can easily be recognized as not having real lenses, by their wiring, or by their brand names.

Companies that sell dummy cameras often state there is potential liability to using fake or dummy cameras. These companies often request a release of liability from the buyer of dummy cameras in order to protect themselves. In short, they are willing to make money on the sale, but want the buyer to be the sole party responsible should there be a crime committed and resulting lawsuit. Dummy cameras are not for educated consumers. Protect yourself.

Check with an experienced insurance broker to determine if you can qualify for a discount on your insurance premiums if you install real security cameras and warning signs.

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