Refinance Your Condominium
Get the Best Rate and Terms

Homeowners refinance their condominiums in order to lower their interest rate, obtain cash. consolidate debt, or for a combination of these reasons. Regardless of the reason for refinancing, it is in the interest of every homeowner to obtain the best rate and terms available in the market.

Setting aside the applicant's personal credit standing, the property which will be the security for a loan is also a major factor considered by every mortgage lender.

If you own a condominium, the following factors are considered by every mortgage lender:


  • Has the condominium community been approved by FHA and/or the VA?
  • Does the condominium association have a current reserve study, and is the association making adequate reserve contributions each month based on that study? The minimum contribution should be 10% the monthly revenue.
  • Is the association managed by a professional management company that specializes in HOA management?
  • Is the physical condition of the property satisfactory?
  • Are delinquent assessments under control?
  • Does the association have adequate insurance, including earthquake Insurance?



If we can assist you with any of these matters including obtaining FHA and VA approvals, a reserve study, or anything else, please contact us today.

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