Election to Receive Documents by Email

The undersigned hereby certifies that they are the record owner(s) of the unit/lot identified below located within the Association. Owner hereby requests that whenever the Association (“Association”) distributes any Association documents to the Association membership, the Association will send them via electronic transmission to the e-mail address listed below in lieu of personal or mail delivery to Owner’s physical address.

If there is more than one record Owner, it is recommended that each Owner should complete and sign this Request. If fewer than all record owners complete this Request, the Association will deem that to mean that the owner(s) submitting this request has/have the consent of all other record owners that the Association Documents shall be delivered to the e-mail address(es) indicated below in lieu of personal or mail delivery, unless the Association is notified to the contrary in writing. An Owner is responsible for notifying the Association of any change in e-mail address(es). An Owner may revoke this request in writing (mail or fax). The Association may revoke the Owner’s ability to receive Association documents by e-mail upon 20 days written notice delivered by mail.



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