Condominium Plans, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps

In California, a "condominium plan" must contain all of the following:

  • A description or survey map of the condominium project, which shall refer to or show monumentation on the ground;
  • A three-dimensional description of the condominium project, one or more dimensions of which may extend for an indefinite distance upwards or downwards, in sufficient detail to identify the common area and each separate interest; and
  • A certificate consenting to the recordation of the condominium plan pursuant to law that is signed and acknowledged.


The "Subdivision Map Act regulates and controls the design improvement of subdivisions. Any property divided into two or more parcels is subject to the subdivision Act:

  • A "parcel map" is a land division map used to create four (4) or fewer residential lots. In the case of commercial, industrial, and agricultural zoned property, more than four lots can be created by parcel map.
  • Subdivision or Tract Maps are used in planned developments with five or more lots to indicate the boundaries and location of each lot and the common areas.

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