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Effective January 1, 2014, the California State Legislative separated the laws governing commercial and industrial condominiums from residential condominiums by establishing the Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Development Act (Commercial Act Civil Code Sections 6500-6576).

While there are many similarities between the Commercial Act and the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, there are several differences. The Commercial Act omits certain procedural provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act related to open meetings of the association, voting and election procedures, inspection rights, delinquent assessment collection procedures, exclusive use common area requirements, accounting, use of reserve funds, reserve planning, and dispute resolution procedures. Protections for the members of the association have also been reduced with respect to voting rights and required disclosures. The new law omits the requirement for distributing an association budget and other financial disclosures to members of the association.

The new law has significantly revised provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act pertaining to dispute resolution. For example, owners of commercial condominiums do not have a statutory right to request alternative dispute resolution if a dispute arises under the governing documents.

Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Development Act

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